Label Making

We are Style Trigger! With us, you can choose from a range of  fabric bases, colours and styles for your Fashion Brand Labels.

Our MOQ is as low as 500pcs per label type, so for all the small fashion business owners out there, let’s get your brand label manufactured at the earliest!

Brand & Wash care Labels Types –

  1. Woven Labels – MOQ 500pc
  2. Printed Labels – MOQ 500pc
  3. Embroidered Label – MOQ 30pc
  4. Paper Tag Label – MOQ 500pc


All we need is an image / pdf file format of your design!


When it comes to marketing, it’s critical to work on establishing your brand. Branding and marketing go hand in hand, and it’s critical that you can be recognised by your company name or logo, especially in crowded markets where you’re up against a lot of other businesses.

Branding is vital since it distinguishes you from the competition while also assisting your clients in better understanding what they should anticipate from you in terms of services or products. You will need every advantage you can get in some sectors where there is a lot of competition, and branding is one method to do that.

Labels are one of the most fundamental branding techniques. “Branding” has become an entire industry.

A buyer may look at the item first, but she usually looks at the label second to determine the brand when purchasing clothing. It’s critical that the label reflects the brand and the level of quality that the buyer expects.

A unique term, colour, emblem, or symbol is commonly used in branding. It’s critical that this is consistent and easily identifiable by customers. Within a brand with a wide range of components and styles, a label ensures uniformity. One of the most common ways to distinguish things in the marketplace is through labels and brands.

Labels are useful for a variety of reasons. They communicate the garment’s care guidelines as well as the fabrics used. They aid in the branding of the garment as well as the identification of the company’s name and logo. And they are a true reflection of the garment’s quality and care during its creation. Labels are crucial in the garment and accessory industry, and their significance should not be underestimated.

Beautiful woven labels are a timeless complement to any piece of clothing. It is critical to creating woven name/logo labels, care labels and tags, content labels and tags that specify the ingredients in the items, and size labels. Labels can also have a mix of these elements. Attractive and professional hangtags produced with cutting-edge technology are also vital tools for branding and communication. They’re the ideal finishing touch for any outfit!


We understand that design is an iterative process, we are happy to work on little pieces or samples until you get the desired look and feel. We’re the right partner for you if you need to try out a fresh concept.

We are Style Trigger because of bespoke production.

Style Trigger acronym stands for Order, Design, and Dispatch.

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