- Indian Fashion at Its Finest


Even those who don't know much about traditional Indian fashion appreciate and admire its beauty. The vibrant colors, feminine silhouettes and exceptional details can make you fall in love with them in an instant and their exquisite craftsmanship is worthy of every praise.

Up until recently, the vast majority of Indian designers and artisans only sold their products locally and people had to travel long distances if they wanted a piece from a specific designer. Thankfully, that changed when a husband and wife team Sanjivani and Rahul, both born and raised Maharashtrians, launched


Styletriggers is a platform that allows Indian fashion designers from all over the country sell their products online, reaching a much wider audience, and customers to search for some of the best apparel and accessories India has to offer. It is a beautiful way to open up the Indian fashion market to a worldwide clientele and give small businesses the opportunity to make it big.


The looks in their selection range from casual to formal, and from modern to traditional. They have gowns that would be perfectly appropriate for Oscar's red carpet and ones that you could wear to even the most lavish Indian wedding.


All of the items available on the website are handwoven and stitched and can be completely customized in terms of color, size, pattern, and design according to your needs. If you are feeling creative, you can even dream up a design of your own and they will make it happen (they work from photos and sketches, too!).

I love writing about websites like this because they are the reason why the internet is such a great place for businesses and shoppers alike. Be sure to check them out and follow Style triggers on social media to keep up with their news: IG | FB