HandBlock Printing- Age Old Art

Block printing is known to have been used in India since at least the 12th century, although this method is thought to be around 2,000 years old.

These days, nearly everything we buy is mass produced and machine-made. It’s difficult to imagine the days when garments were sewn by hand and cloth was block printed. But in some small workshops and villages in India, there is a commitment to keeping the centuries old tradition of block printing alive. And we are trying to connect them to the customers through us.

Textile Printing is a process in which the fabric is engraved with designs, pattern in certain color, the color then bonds deeply with the fabric, which doesn't fade after wash or friction. Hand Block printing is one such process, in it the design or pattern is made on wood or stone.

Wood not stone Block Printing is generally used now-a-days. The design or pattern is made out of wood. Intricate designs are made with hands on wood. The wood with design is then tipped in color and stamped on cloth. The design can be geometric, floral, motifs etc. The design is repeated all over the cloth.

                               Woodblock Print on cotton

The design are printed on cotton, silk etc. The block printing is one of the simplest of the printing techniques but the slowest. This process is repeated over and over again, by only the steadiest hands, until the pattern has completely covered the length of fabric. If there are multiple colors in the design, the artisan lets each color dry before applying the next, each with a new stamp. It is extremely time consuming and requires precision so that there are no breaks in the motif.

                          Gainda Woodblock Print on Cotton

Rajasthan is home to hand block printing in India. Good wood lock printing requires years of experience in order to create uniformity and clear patterns.

                              Wood Handblocking Printing on Chanderi Silk


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