Kundan Jewellery – The choice of Royals by Fashion Oomph
Meaning of Kundan Jewellery
The word kundan means highly refined gold. It is one of the oldest forms of jewelry making. Kundan is composed of different types of stones inlaid in gold.
Origin of Kundan Jewelry
Kundan jewelry was originated in Delhi, India, though later artisans moved to Rajasthan. Now cities like Bikaner and Nathdwara are known for making the finest kundan jewelry in India.
Making of Kundan jewelry
Kundan jewelry is crafted in traditional ways and it is a long process with each stage handled by a separate, skilled worker.
The precious gemstones are mounted on gold jewelry with lac and gold foils.
It starts with the beating of gold in a very thin sheet. This acts as the base for the jewelry. This sheet is then filled with lac.
In order to give the stones a strong grip on the metal, 24 carats melted gold is poured into the sides. This 24-carat gold is what is known as Kundan, and hence the name. Kundan is poured or rather inserted in the holes with the help of a very small stick.
The uniqueness of Kundan Jewelry
Kundan jewelry is one of the trendiest and hottest trends of the year. It is a perfect blend of the traditional and contemporary styles. A single Kundan Jewellery is all you need to stand out from the crowd and to make a fashion statement.
It is one of the most popular choices for bridal jewelry because of its colours and fine detailing. It will never go out of trend because of their royal origins and traditional techniques.
Imitation Kundan jewelry
Not many people can afford to buy traditional Kundan jewelry as the gold price has gone crazy high in past few years. Since the designs are so beautiful and unique that everyone wants to own at least one Kundan set, so if you can’t afford it or if you are a college student then you can go for imitation Kundan Jewellery. In imitation pieces, the design remains the same but it eliminates the exorbitant price of gold.
Kundan jewelry trends in 2018
Choker and chandbalis designed in kundan are the trendiest and hottest belongings of the year. It is the hottest trend in bridal jewelry collection too.
You can spot celebs wearing a single statement piece of Kundan necklace or Chandbali at various events.
The person wearing it looks sophisticated yet trendy and makes her stand out from the crowd.
How to identify fake kundan jewelry
  • Check for stamps on jewelry.

  • If the jewelry turns black or green after wearing it for some time, it is not gold.

  • Hold a magnet close to your ornament. If the magnet is attracted to it, the jewelry is fake.

  • Stones in the original Kundan pieces are partly opaque. Clear transparent ones are most likely fakes.

  • Always evaluate the gemstones to spot genuine Kundan.

Care for Kundan jewelry
Gemstone always requires special care, to ensure its long life and it keeps the stones sparkle.
Follow the steps below to take care of your precious jewelry
  • Wipe clean your Kundan jewelry after every use.

  • Remove excess moisture and store the jewellery on pads of cotton wool.

  • Avoid any kind of moisture and closed environments for a long period of time (e.g. bank lockers, jewelry boxes which are made of satin or leather cloth) as lack of air will cause an oxidizing process on gold & mostly on 24k kundan edge & its peripheries. Allow some time to breathe occasionally

  • Avoid using soap to clean Kundan jewelry.

  • Do not wet the chords of the jewelry as it might cause the color to fade.

  • Always keep jewelry away from any kind of direct or indirect heat.

  • Always keep two pieces of jewelry separate in individually zip locked bags (as per the size of the piece), followed by insertion in a plastic box with separate partitions for each piece. This will help create the vacuum and block the entry of moisture thereby preventing corrosion and keeping the piece intact.

  • Avoid contact of any room spray or cologne or perfume or any spray items as it can cause tarnishing of gold in extreme cases

  • Avoid contact of the jewelry with any kind of heat in the form of light during display

  • Do not wear jewelry while putting on makeup or styling your hair. Wear the jewelry at the end of getting dressed as the different chemicals present in makeup and hair sprays can affect your jewelry