Magic of Embroidery & Sequin work!


The collection is made in Silk, the shine of silk is upgraded by minimal embroidery and sequence work.The collection boasts of traditional embroideries and carefully placed elements with different Indian textiles, cuts and drapes.

Every look is designed keeping in mind the elegance and feminine appeal. You can find women's clothing online which has each unique to its own crafted with the utmost precision and detailing. These ensembles are sure to be cherished as a family heirloom for the years to come!

EMBROIDERIES: The embroidering of patterns on to a cloth is one of India's most celebrated textile practices. Over the centuary thousands of distinct embellishments styles and techniques have developed across he subcontinent, many ties to specific communities, contexts & meanings.

The region of western South Asia- comprising Gujarat, Rajasthan, the Punjab, Singh & Baluchistan is particularly rich in embellishments traditions.

Indo Western Embroidered lehenga

               1.1 Grey Lehenga With Flared Sleeve Crop Top

1.2 Sea Green Dhoti & Dupatta Set

1.3 White Off Shoulder embroidered dress

1.4 Criss Cross Tunic with dhoti & dupaata

1.5 Asymmterical embroidered kurta set

1.6 Assymetrical Embroidered Tunic Embroidered Set

1.7 Lehenga with Flared Sleeve & embroidered crop top