14 Types Of Women Handbags To Carry With Ethnic Wears

Make sure that you don’t miss it. Because if you do, you will regret for life! Well, the talk is just for some bona fide fashion lovers who just can’t negotiate when their style statement is on stake. It’s time to unravel your ethnic fashion with some chic fashion accessories. Have you ever thought which bag to carry while dressing up in typical ethnic attire??? No!? I knew it. After all, who think of a handbag when the ravishing outfit is enough to make an appeal? But the time has changed lassie; if you wish to stand apart, you have to put some serious efforts in. Let the world know how stunner you are when to flaunt a classic ethnic appeal. Are you ready???

I know you own a pool of handbags but do you have all of them??? I don’t think so. There are some you might be hearing for the first time but that’s how fast fashion world is redefining everything. Be the princess of ethnic style by donning these classy handbags with your ensemble and make heads turn around. Find out which bag you need with which type of traditional garment and carry it like a pro. Can you do that??? Probe in!!!

Sling Bag n Khadi Saree

Sling Bag By Style Triggers

Isn’t that amazing to carry a bag like this with beautiful saree???
Sling bag or Crossbody has always been women’s fave and most picked type of handbag due to its easy manageability and cool style. You have always held this bag with western or Indo western attire but would you like to carry it with a designer rustic type saree or trendy kurti?! Think about it. Wearing a raw silk saree in Anavila style, shoes underneath and a strap of sling bag hanging over your shoulder & a neat hairdo – can you feel the glam?!

Tote Bag – Shopping Ready

Tote bag by style triggers

Take out your fave pair of glasses & carry a tote bag like a pro!!!
The best time to flaunt your tote bag is – when you are going for shopping with your bunch. This bag is also known by the name ‘Shopper bag’ as the look suggests that it is perfect for shopping purpose. Extremely spacious, easy to carry and totally kickass in mien!!! The ideal traditional wears you can adorn with tote bag are salwar suits (traditional/ contemporary both), trendy kurtis or casual traditional sarees. Finish off the look with minimal jewellery and a pair of chic footwear underneath.

Hobo Bag – Stuff To Be Stuffed

Hobo Bag by style triggers

Perfect pick for college girls!!! Know how –
Simple, easy to carry at shoulder, stylish end-to-end strap and enough space to hold all your belongings!!! That’s the way how hobo bag looks & can simply join your beautiful kurti or salwar kameez. You can also try them with long flared ethnic gown to flaunt your ‘out of the box’ style. But the best pairing would be a beautiful traditional salwar suit and a hobo bag with old-world design to match the classic appeal of ethnic staple. It’s time to dazzle like a sassy chic!!!

Baguette Picks 4 Nitty Gritties

Baguette bag by style triggers

This is the absolute call of fashionistas!!!
Baguette bag is highly trending and looks exceptionally fashionable. The small top to bottom and long side to side creation of this bag makes it perfect choice to carry it at any important occasion or party. Due to their bold and striking appeal, they have massively taken the spot of clutch or other evening bags. Be it saree, designer suit or party gown, you can carry it with any ethnic attire (except kurti as it will look bit disordered) and flaunt your royal statement. Do it like a star!!!

Minaudiere – A Royal Chap

minaudiere bag by style triggers

Known for causing sensation in fashion world, minaudieres are just the very first pick of any fashionista to spruce up the look of her designer dress. These cute little bags may not be able to take the weight of all your accessories but will definitely put you in the spotlight of any occasion. And yes, they can hold your fave lip shades!!! So what else you need to embrace a party??? Slip into a designer saree or ethnic gown, choose from the wide array of designs of this bag which can talk about your personal style and strut like a pro!!!

Handcrafted Quilted Bag

Quinted bag by style triggers

Occasion friendly, stunning in looks & in various sizes!!! Quilted bags just don’t need any specific occasion to adorn but the best thing about them that they go perfectly with any kind of women ethnic wear. The quilted like pattern over the material is the reason behind this name. The supporting strap of these bags can be chain, material or any other type. Get ready to grab the attractive piece of quilted bag from online to expand your collection and flaunt your sky-high craze for handbags. You definitely can do that!!!
Potli Purse – Age Old Elan
Potli bag by style triggers

A new trend in bag world!!!
I mean not completely knew; we have seen them a lot taken by our grandma’s and other elderly ladies at wedding ceremonies or other grand occasions. But now when they have got the eyes of various Bollywood divas and other known celebs, potli bags have marked their presence in fashion world. In fact, they are the most picked handbags with designer sarees and other ethnic wears. Embellished with stone work, sequins, mirror work or other glittering stones, potli bags add incredible charm and elegance to the classic ethnic appeal of a wearer.

Saddle – Covers All Essentials

Saddle Bag By Style Triggers

As the name hints, it has a saddle like shape with a big flap covering almost half of the bag with a closure like of an old-fashioned school bag. Saddle bags can be carried with any ethnic wear to feel free and comfortable while making an appearance. You can try it with casual sarees, salwar suits or trendy kurtis to look beautiful and dazzling. Pick leather strap or chain style according to your attire and walk like a chic.
It’s time to rock the ethnic look in an inexplicable way!!!

Designer Clutch With Designer Picks

Clutch Bag

There is no woman in the world who doesn’t have a strong connection with this handbag.
Clutches must be topping the count in a colossal stack of your handbags. They have always been the most used and common type of women bags due to their effortless manageability and eye-catching appeal. But have you sneaked into latest designer clutches which are redefining the whole statement of this bag type. Just check out the red carpet looks of Bollywood divas to feel the allure and spark of these handbags. Be the first one to steal the show at any occasion with the right choice of handbag!!!

Bucket – Clean Structured For Essentials

bucket bag by style triggers

One of the cutest and my personal fave type of women bags!!!
Bucket bags look extremely charming and adorable when carried by any age women. Yes, that’s the plus point of this handbag. You don’t need to think twice about your age or other traits while picking a lovely bucket bag. The best Indian attire to pair with this type of bag is latest contemporary style of kurtis to level the complete spirit. You can choose a bucket bag from a wide range of sizes depending on your need and specifically mood. Take them to your workplace to let people lay eyes on you for your phenomenal fashion sense!!!

Fashion Defining - Frame Bags

Frame Bag by style triggers

This one definitely needs to be in your stockpile. Frame bags are highly fashionable and a definite pick of classy women. Available in wide range of sizes, colours, designs and shaped, frame bags can be paired with any type of ethnic wear to make a statement. It’s time to take out your most beautiful and stunning saree, wear it like a fashion diva and hold an attractive frame bag to embrace the title of fashion icon of the season. Let your peers envy you for your ravishing personality and undoubtedly for a choice of handbag!!!

Satchel – Prototype Of School Bags

Satchel Bag by style triggers

A satchel is a perfect example of an old-world school bag.
These bags cannot be taken to every place due to their hard, rigid look. You need to rope it to your ensemble for a specific outing like traveling or an outdoor office meeting. Something like this works perfect with satchel bags. A top closure, double top handle and a wide flat bottom is what sums up a good satchel handbag. Not every ethnic wear is in the list of this bag. Try Indian wears entwined with contemporary trends to pair with satchel bag such as Indo western kurtis, kurti with pants, knee-length ethnic gown.

Wristlet – Wao For Makeups

Wristlet Bag by style triggers

Wristlet is a kind of a clutch with an added strap to let the wearer hold it freely. Mightily convenient to carry, light-weighted, this handbag is the ideal pick to flaunt your bold and classy appeal. Try not to surfeit it with a pool of cosmetics to maintain the graphic look of a bag. Best pick for parties, evening gala, wedding ceremonies or important office functions!!!

Handbags – Goes With Everything!

Handbag by style triggers

If you are in no state of picking one from the vast pool of your bags, go with this. A considerably large bag with short strap to hold will never let you down at any occasion and give a wing to your complete ensemble. Handbags can be accompanied with any type of traditional Indian wear to make it voguish and appealing. Make sure to do the right pairing and choose the style of bag smartly to elevate the charm of ethnic attire. Adorn it like a fashion pro and walk in style!!!

Let the magic take over with your bold and appealing statement by picking the right kind of handbag with forever endearing ethnic wears!!!