The Importance Of Well-Dressing At Home

This Covid-19 situation has forced us to spend most of our summer indoors.

Did you end up wearing the pyjamas and night suits at home?

We are sure this lock down has realized you that dressing well at home is important for you mental health and can change your mood upside down. Don't let this lamentable lock down convert into sartorial letdown.

What we wear could affect how we cope days when we are depressed, anxious and stressed. Research says to wear brightly colored clothes is the quickest little fix for a bad day .Cheerful colors work as a mini pick-me-up; and thus boost your mood and energy. Also, we generally associate bright colors with happiness, sunny days, and carefree times (like the summer vacations when we were kids).

Many of us think that staying at home nobody is gonna sell

On the other hand, we associate deep and dull colors with low energy, being tired and a more somber mood. So the next time you feel like donning a dark hoodie to hide a bad day; reach out for the bright pullover instead! It may just make you feel a little happier.


                                          Traditional Different Styles

              Cut work top with tulip pants

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Cotton gota work dress


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                     Yellow mustard dhoti set

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                          Bottle green sharara set

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                            "Samichi" 2-piece set

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                                 Western styles

Miranda long shirt

              Miranda by Gulaal Creations

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Long 3 layered dress

         Long 3 layered dress by cocktail house

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Off shoulder Top with Dhoti skirt

 Off shoulder top with dhoti skirt by cocktail house

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                             Hayley co-ord set

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So, be the driver of your moods and thus your life by wearing the right clothes.

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