SUTA by Style Triggers

City : Aurangabad, Maharashtra

Location: The Aures

Time: 10 AM to 7 PM



As the word SUTA means THREAD, we have brought Chanderi & Maheshwari handwoven saris, scarfs, suits right from makers to you in Aurangabad. The designs are handcrafted with pure love from weavers.

Through the coherent clacking of looms punctuated at random intervals by popular Bollywood numbers, one can see men and women working together, taming threads with their trained fingers and weaving an awe-inspiring intricacy of sorts.

Blessed with a rich, sheer texture and paired with intricate gold zari work, Chanderi is an interesting and versatile fabric.

 Faranaaz weaving Red & golden sarees with golden color buttis all over.


The craftsmen start by creating the design on a grid sheet where all the junctions of intersection of the warp and weft threads are clearly set in an organized pattern. The threads are dyed to suit the same and fed into the looms. A popular local term in this context -‘Beem bandhana’ suggests the spools of thread arranged on the weft. Based on the design, threads anchored at different heights are adjusted so that some get lifted up and others settle down till common intersections are executed.The number of threads depends on the width of the woven cloth and the length on the quantity of production.

1.Sarees design drawn on grid sheet
                     2. According to colors dyeing is done locally.
                          3.  Loosening the yarn
                                     4. Warping the yarn
                                   5. Passing the warp through reed
        6. Design of borders and pallav are set on vertical harness called jala
            7. Weaving is began

It takes minimum 8-10 days to make a sarei right from the start process. The time increases with complexity of design.

Every member of the house is occupied with one or other task.

Chanderi refers to a shimmering cotton fabric which is famous for being light weight and having sheer texture and glossy transparency. Motifs used in chanderi weaving are mostly inspired from nature (earth and sky). Few of them are Swans (hamsa), gold coins (asharfi), trees, fruits, flowers and heavenly bodies. Soft pastel hues characterize chanderi fabrics however, timeless combinations of bright colour borders on an off white base, or red on black, also exist now.

The process of Maheshwari weaving is more or less the same.

It is also intriguing to distinguish between the MP’S saree titans – the Maheshwari and the Chanderi, where the Maheshwaris’ only sport geometric patterns and are opaque, the Chanderis’ are globally famous for their floral motifs of ‘Bel-bootas’ and their translucency.


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So, save the dates and give yourself a royal treat with Chanderi and Maheshwari Sarees.

For more information get in touch with us on or +91 8600232224.

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