Hand Embroidery

The Style Trigger has appointed the best hand-embroiders for providing customised & unique hand embroidery using top quality embellishments, intricate thread work, and beautiful embroidery beading designs

Send us an image of your preferred design and we’ll have custom embroider on a garment/ fabric of your choice
The MOQ is as low as 4pcs, we are the best companion for your private fashion label

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Embroidery is basically narrating the story of your brand through the stitches. And especially when it’s done by hand, it the story becomes all the more personalised.

It is the art of applying thread or yarn to fabric or other materials with a needle. Hand Embroidery is derived from the French term broderie, which means adornment.

Embroidery may give colour, texture, depth, and dimension to a design in terms of shape and aesthetics. When used to clothing, it can disclose a person’s fashion taste, social standing, ethnic identity, or religious beliefs.


At Style Trigger we create and execute beautiful embroidery designs. No matter how unique, how detailed, we execute intricate embroidery work for you!

Embroidery has been used to decorate and enhance the beauty of fabrics for decades. Hand needlework was more prevalent in our forefathers’ time. Females used to embellish their garments with various sorts of hand needlework back then. Embroidery not only kept them occupied in their free time, but it also demonstrated their inner skill and originality. Hand needlework became a source of revenue for many individuals as time went on, and people began to take it seriously. The market for embroidery began to expand slowly but steadily.

The majority of today’s embroidery is said to be influenced by religion and nature. Artists and fashion designers from all over the world have praised Indian hand embroidery. From a historical perspective, the Mughals emphasised the importance of hand needlework.

While modern embroidery differs from its ancient roots in terms of form and technique, much of the purpose and usage of needlework remains the same. Embroidery has always been and will continue to be a popular way for individuals to personalise their houses and themselves by adding personalised brands and logos.


Whether it’s Women’s Everyday Fashion Wear, Haute Couture Dresses, Kaftan’s, Abaya’s, Kid’s Dresses, Scarves, Luxury Designer Wear, Jumpsuits or any other Clothing, we can embroider customised designs on it all

O.D.D. honours and empowers the hands who put their heart and soul into making sure your garment is just WOW. We say ‘thank you’ by providing ongoing training, skill development, and equitable and fair remuneration to our employees. During this occasion, we raise a glass to all of our karigars who have been with us since the beginning.

We are grateful for their knowledge and attention to detail. Every service we provide to you at Style Trigger is as transparent as it gets.

We CELEBRATE EVERYTHING, from the skilled worker who made the garment to the crafty hands who put together the pleats, buttons, and gorgeous embroidery, to the keen eyes who cut loose threads and conducted an awesome quality check, to strong arms who put all these little things together-neatly in packages, ready for shipping.

Yes, we utterly believe in complete transparency because we need to know #whomadeyourclothes.

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