Sample Production

Are you a new start-up looking to grow your brand sustainably, ethically & creatively?

We are sure you are looking for garment manufacturers, fashion design experts, sustainable fabrics, fair trade fashion practices, quality assurance and most of all a garment factory that understands you, your Fashion Brand and the importance of Design.

Style Trigger provides samples in MOQ of 4 styles per piece.

This is charged at a flat fee, depending upon the style and fabric involved.

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After our creative fashion design and fashion production team has finalized all details with you – including, choosing the right fabric, to apparel size charts & measurements, to finalizing the garment design and style, basis a tech pack; we begin the sample production.

This benefits you because:

  1. You get a fashion photoshoot ready garment sample – Exactly as you ordered
  2. This process helps you check the quality of fabric, finishing & most importantly – take pre orders from your clients


Style Trigger is the best small quantity clothing manufsacturers in India & worldwide. And to provide the best customer experience we provide affordable samples for your products.

The importance of garment sampling is emphasised. It decides whether future orders from buyers will be approved, as well as bringing in business for a garment manufacturing or export company.

A preceding sampling of styles is done to acquire approvals to begin the manufacturing of clothing before a manufacturer creates substantial orders.

You can also get samples made for your existing line of products if you wish to further distribute your samples.

A product/style code or a reference number, colour specifications, fabric type, composition, description, quantity, and specifics of embroidery, buttons, zippers, or any other type of accessory used are all included in sampling. As a result, garment samples can be thought of as a link between customers and producers.


We place a high value on ethics. We take good care of our staff. Everyone benefits when we do the right thing for our people. Better quality, more dedication, and a shared passion for what we do.

We are receptive to new ideas. Tell us about your vision, and we’ll work with you to turn it into a reality. We know everything there is to know about textiles, techniques, traditions, and treatments.

We feel that the process is just as important as the final product. As a result, cooperating and partnering with our clients is non-negotiable. We are not a manufacturer who sells wholesale. We enjoy working together on new ideas and the creative process. So, if you’re looking for a manufacturer who can offer value to the design process, get in touch with us. Get your samples made with Style Trigger

Bespoke Production makes us Style Trigger
The Simplicity in process – Order, Design, Dispatch defines Style Trigger